KRZ Accounting firm

We are one of the leading Accounting and Taxation firms in Egypt,
with a reputation for rapid growth.

Get It Done With Us


Help you to understand the numbers in your accounts and what they mean to you in running your business, that way you can grow your business.


Help you to complete your audit as soon as we can after your year-end so that the numbers have meaning & relevance for your business decisions.


Help you to understand the tax effects of your actions so that you can plan ahead & run your life & your business in a tax efficient way.

Corporate & Commercial

provides speedy and tailored incorporation services of all types of companies We establish various different types of companies.

Our Clients Fields

Import And Export


Education And Training

Animation & Media Production


Goods & Services Trading


Medical Services



Real Estate Marketing

If you are a business owner and you are serious about developing your business we want to hear from you.